Powder extinguisher GP-2x-ABC
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Powder extinguisher GP-2x-ABC 1

2 kg powder extinguisher is a "house fire extinguisher". Ideal for flats and family houses because of compact dimensions and universality. Recommended because of very good efficiency of extinguishing powder OGNIOTEX 103 for vans and trucks, public buildings (school, libraries, hospitals), manufacturing plants, storerooms.
Basic Features:
- steel cylinder with epoxide powder coating
- seamless cylinder jacket
- easy to assemble bracket
- control pressure manometer
- proportioning of extinguishing medium by means of quick opening valve
- posbility of multiple refilling
- reliability

Technical data:
1. extinguishing efficiency - 8A 34B C
2. Weight of extinguishing agent - 2 kg
3. Working agent - Nitrogen
4. Weight of working agent - n/a
5. Min operation time - >6 sec


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