Rubber boot liner TESLA Model X Plaid 2022-> (front boot) black /6050121


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Model X
2022 - ->

Stingray ™ - high-quality rubber boot liner, made exactly according to the contours of your car's trunk, designed for use in various weather conditions: summer, winter, autumn, spring, the boot liner remains flexible even at the lowest temperatures, easy and quick to clean.

Stingray ™ boot liners are created using 3D design technology, depending on the specifics of each car. For this reason, the mats perfectly match every bend, shape and dimension in the trunk of a car.
Thanks to the improved Stingray™ material and special structure, they are easy to remove from the car and all you have to do is to clean the liner with water.
High-quality TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) rubber is used for production, which does not lose its properties and elasticity at temperatures from -50 to + 50C.
TPE rubber is resistant to dirt, grease, gasoline, diesel, acids and other chemicals.
The curbs (~ 27mm) on the edges prevent liquid from spilling over the edges.
With such a boot liner in the trunk, you won’t always have to worry about smearing your car upholstery, taking home garden treats or fishing or hunting catches.
The shape of the boot liner for a particular car may differ from the one shown in the picture.

Colour - black.

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